Build your Guestlist

We take the work out of modern dating by combining an online matching platform with group experiences. Once you join, you’ll receive a handful of potential matches from us each week with the question “Interested in bumping into them in real life?” If the answer is yes, add them to your guestlist. Event attendee lists are built using your matches so that you can skip all the frustrating messaging, scrolling, etc. and meet the old-fashioned way: face-to-face.

Take it offline

We invite matches to curated events so that the crowd is primed to mix and mingle. Non-members can attend one event before joining, if there are spaces available for guests.

Our events feel like a break from the norm. Relax. Grab a drink. There’s no pressure here. Even though members know when they walk in the room that someone is waiting to meet them, they don’t know who the person is. We still want to leave some mystery. Upon joining, you’ll receive a guidebook to taking it offline, including a discount on your first event.

Now, become a member

The Offline Society is open to anyone and everyone in the Washington DC area.

We are actively producing events for romantically unattached men and women between the ages of 22-36 who are interested in the opposite gender.

Don’t fall into this small group? You’re not alone! We’re actively seeking people from all demographics. Please join the waitlist here and we’ll keep you updated on when events are activated for your age and/or sexual orientation.

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